BTK theatre

St. Petersburg Bolshoi Puppet Theater (BTK)
Today the Bolshoi Puppet Theater is already 82 years old, but it is young, fresh, and full of inspiration and power! — the power of creative pursuit and of an active battle against the
persistent stereotypes of puppet theater. You will find a great variety of performances in our repertoire for children and adults: classical and experimental, puppet and drama, dance and musical performances
-- from "Kolobok" to tragedies by Sir William Shakespeare, from "The Little Prince" to Alexander Bashlachev's songs.
The main director of the theater since 2006 is Ruslan Kudashov - the outstanding puppeteer, the art director of the "Potudan" theater, the participant and repeated
prize-winner of prestigious international festivals: the winner of the highest national theatrical award "The Golded Mask", the highest St. Petersburg theatrical
award "The Golden Spotlights", the highest national award in the sphere of theater for children and teenagers "Harlequin", and many others.
The main injection of creative power to the theater took place in the same year 2006, when Kudashov's Workshop appeared on a the small stage with student-actors of the St. Petersburg State Theatrical Academy selected by him. With the arrival of this young generation to the theater, an infinite sequence of theatrical experiments began, combining completely different genres and performing equipment. Characteristic of the new performances is an atmosphere of creative searching and an intense sense of timing that have attracted new audiences to the theater. Almost all performances of the theater in recent years have been selected for prestigious international festivals and have won theatrical awards.
The main statement about Bolshoi Puppet Theater is the mission of the theater as formulated by its main director Ruslan Kudashov:
- Participating in the creation of a modern living language of visual theater while preserving timeless moral law.
- Upholding the subjectivity of an author's look, the uniqueness and originality of the human person.
- Preservation of fidelity to puppet theater art.
- Training in belief, patience, love.