From September 19 to September 23, 2014 on the basis of Saint Petersburg Bolshoi Puppet Theatre (BTK (Bolshoi Teatr Kukol) ) for the first time the international festival of modern puppet art will take place. In today’s theatrical space of the city BTK is one of the leading experimental stages that are open to search new expressive means, new forms and opportunities of scenic language. Its repertoire consists of performances of different styles and genres that are intended both for adult and young audience.
A name of the new festival is “BTK-Fest: Contemporary puppet theatre”. Its main purpose is to introduce new forms of puppet theatre that reflect worldwide development tendencies of this art to audience, to present it like a theatre of visual metaphor, synthesis, rich expressive opportunities. Among the participants are both young and already recognized theatres from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Finland, Korea, Lithuania, Israel, Belorussia and Russia. Special attention is paid to inter-genre  plays, that unite elements of mixed media,  choreography, circus, visual art,  that together form experimental theatrical language of XXI century.
Four equipped stages of Bolshoi Puppet Theatre will allow to show during the fest different in format and aesthetics performances: from chamber stories for kids to large-scale productions for adult audience. In the context of festival also will occur a full of video lecture by polish specialist in drama study Marek Vashkel about modern puppet theatre. Every evening in the theatre lobby will take place concerts that will perform the musicians and participants of fest. This festival has no analogues in Russia and can expand imagination about modern opportunities not only of puppet art but also of theatrical art in general.