13.00, 15.00
40 min
Karlsson haus
Happy bones

Idea and perform: Matija Solce

Direction: Vida Bren Cerkvenik, Matija Solce

Death. Why do we make taboo out of it, if it is all around us? Daily, Death passes by, saying “Hello, what a nice day, isn't it?“ – but we never respond, we go our way and pretend we didn't hear anything. This show is a play of notes, impulses, screams and words. It is not based on a story, but on music, from which Matija Solce builds all other components of the show. This way the absurd composition becomes understandable for everyone. It speaks with no words and uses minimum of material: an accordion, a voice and a bunch of bones. An evocative mix of object and word play, sound and body movement. A concert and at same time a puppet show for adults and youths from 12 years up.