60 min
Main stage

Director & music: Matija Solce

Set design: Marianna Stránská, Jiří N. Jelínek, Matija Solce

Costumes: Marianna Stránská

Production: Jeník Tyl & Barbora Kalinová

Cast: Honza Meduna (trumpet & Vronskij), Anna Bubnikova (cello & Anna K.), Ivo Sedlachek (percussions & Waiter), Pavol Smolarik (bass & Levin), Matija Solce (accordion & Nikolaj), Jiri N. Jelinek (violin & A. Karenin)

During a funeral dinner, in between condolences and the gentle music of a funeral band, instead of a farewell to the deceased, his life begins to return. Suddenly, the clinking of glasses transforms into a passionate song, teacups – into guests at a Russian aristocratic dance and at the end, the viewer becomes a character of Anna Karenina. This show combines music, cabaret, and object theatre, presenting original and playful musical compositions that derive mainly from the Russian folk music. Six expressive actors, six voices, a small orchestra, and an amplified table, on which objects are animated to build rhythmical compositions, all gently recreate fragments from the classical novel. A metamorphosis of music and theater, word and movement, and the deconstruction of a traditional theatrical form transform a romantic tragedy of one individual into a grotesque caricature of us all.