Moscow theatre TEHb


Moscow theatre TEHb was founded in Moscow in 1988 by a family couple, actress Maya Krasnopolskaya and designer Ilya Epelbaum. Having started with shadow theatre productions, the authors endlessly experiment with different genres, forms, kinds, and even scales of theatre productions (some of the productions are intended for no more than 5 audience members). The theatre’s characteristic feature is their love of mystifications. Visiting Theatre, you can see touring productions of the Grand Royal National Lilikan Theatre of Drama, Opera, and Ballet – classical plays in abridged “puppet” versions; you can also pop into William Shakespeare’s KukCafe (Puppet Café), where an audience member may choose a play he or she would like to see; the Theatre First Aid is available on request, etc. Extraordinariness and experimental character of the SHADOW’s projects constantly draw attention of celebrated artists. At different times the theatre worked in collaboration with Anatoly Vasiliev, Tonino Guerra, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, and many others.