60 min
Main stage
Nikolay Oleynikov
14 stories for the grand piano, violin, thereminvox and voice

Directors: Svetlana Ben', Dmitry Bogoslavsky
Composer: Valery Voronov
Multimedia artist: Maria Puchkova
Set designer: Aleksandra Gritskova
Light designer and VJ: Sergey Novitsky
Costume designers: Ekaterina Adamovich, Evgenia Kurgan, Maria Trauberg
Cast: Dasha Moroz, Aleksandra Pavlyukovets, Alena Derbina, Maria Vasilevskaya, Artem Atrashevsky, Valery Voronov, Svetlana Ben'



The song cycle composed by Valery Voronov for Svetlana Ben's voice, thereminvox, violin and grand piano is based on 14 poems by Nikolay Oleynikov, who was an OBERIU poet and editor of legendary magazines “Chizh” and “Ezh”. These little tragedies have become a musical performance which balances between an epic drama and children's counting rhymes, ragtime and an opera tragedy. This performance is about insects' life in the world of people and people's life in the world of insects. It's also about insect habits of humans and human desires of bugs. It's about admiration for science and horror in front of it, about futility, fuss, beauty and the universe that Nikolay Oleynikov saw.