16.00, 19.00
60 min
Small stage
A.P. Chekhov

Concept and direction: Anna Ivanova-Brachinskaya
Design supervision: Sacha Poliakova
Puppets and setting building: Sacha Poliakova, Polina Borisova, Vitalia Samuilova
Sound design and composition: Roman Dymny
Light design: Iana Boitsova
Acting and manipulation: Sacha Poliakova, Polina Borisova, Vitalia Samuilova



Once upon a time there lived three sisters. They lived in the middle of nowhere and had a vague idea of time. They were living as if in a dream and dreaming that that dream was real life. They moved like sleepwalkers, walked like they danced, and danced like chasing the departing last train. Like Siamese triplets they shared their lives as though they were one. And that one had no future. The three performers, all of Russian origin, like Tchekhov’s three sisters, are displaced persons, living in places they don’t belong to. All three trained as designers, they create an extremely personal, intimate stage world out of puppets, dolls, objects, and their own memories.