17.00, 19.00
45 min
Small stage

Production: 1er Stratagème and De facto

Coproduction: Kaaitheater (Bruxelles) and UOVO (Milan)

Authors: Giuseppe Chico, Barbara Matijevic

Performed by Barbara Matijevic



“Forecasting” is based on a collection of amateur videos taken from the world’s largest videosharing website: YouTube. The performance uses this framework as a fiction trigger, a store of signs and meanings, a sum of articulations that impose on its visitor / user an exercise in information processing between fragmentary empirical immediacy and hyper abstraction. On the stage, a performer manipulates a laptop on the screen of which are shown YouTube videos that had been selected to meet the human size scale. From this simple criterion arises a set of spatial and temporal displacements. The screen becomes the site of intersection between the body of the performer and the two-dimensional world of images that represent other people in other places. The result is a dizzying hybrid experience, a zone of indeterminacy informed by the very nature of videos ranging from the banality of everyday situations, movements and objects and the possibility of their transformation into new tools of self-narration.