60 min
Main stage

Created and performed by Herman Helle, Pauline Kalker, Arlène Hoornweg

Sound design and live performance: Ruud van der Pluijm

Technicians: Aram Visser, Jorg Schellekens

With thanks to: Fien Benninga-Warendorf, Lenie Boeken-Velleman, Hans and Noemie Beckman, who were willing to share their memories of the camps

Cast: Pauline Kalker, Arlène Hoornweg, Herman Helle


In “KAMP” Hotel Modern imagines situations and events in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Not by acting them out but by showing them. A huge model of Auschwitz fills the stage. Overcrowded barracks, a railway line and a gate with the words Arbeit macht frei. Hotel Modern tries to imagine the unimaginable: the greatest genocide in history carried out in a town specially built for the purpose. On stage the miniature version of the camp is brought to life: thousands of dolls just 8 cm high depict the prisoners and their executioners. The actors walk around the model like giant war correspondents and, armed with miniature cameras, film the terrible events and make the audience witnesses to them.

For both young and old, and especially those who themselves were interred in a concentration camp, KAMP is an impressive performance.