from 4 pm to 6 pm
10 min

Concept and performing: Ilya Epelbaum

Took part in the creation of this show: Maya Krasnopolskaya, Ekaterina Ivushkina,
Maksim Obrezkov


The show takes place in the match-boxes. A matchstick is struck in complete darkness, lightening a matchbox and hands holding it. The matchbox is opened and inside it there are tiny puppets which perform scenes from the Bible and Gospel. Each scene lasts no longer than 15 seconds. That's the time that takes a matchstick to burn. Then complete darkness and again a matchstick is struck. The Gospel text is read in Russian. The audio recording has been edited the following way: every word is spoken by a renowned Russian theatrical performer (actor, director, set designer, etc.) both live and dead (in the latter case the archive records were used). In the show there are voices of K.Stanislavski, V. Meyerhold, A.Tairov, M. Chekhov, A. Koonen, I. Moskvin, V. Kachalov, L.Tolstoy, V.Nabokov, V. Mayakovsky, I. Smoktunovsky, A.Vasiliev, P. Fomenko, N.Tsiskaridze and many others.