from 1 pm to 8 pm
12 min

Concept / script: Dominik Migač
Directed by: Dominik Migač &Tereza Černá
Music: Dominik Migač &Tereza Černá
Stage setting: Tereza Černá
Production manager: Adam Svoboda

Performing: MIR.theatre & guests

An auteur-style production about the adventure experienced in space by Sputnik, planet Earth’s first artificial satellite. It is also the first production in the new miniature theatre space μMikro – a transportable theatre scene for one spectator and two actors. The spectator looks through a peephole 4.4 by 7 cm at a performance that, using the principle of film editing, has different scenes alternating behind the peephole. The technology of the production is based on paper and mechanical automata and pop-up books.