from 12 am to 6 pm
15 min

Concept: Linda Lemmetty & Outi Sippola
Director: Outi Sippola
Set Design: Linda Lemmetty & Outi Sippola

Performer: Merja Pöyhönen


“Only One Suitcase Allowed” is a fusion of object theatre and live installation for one spectator at a time. A peep-show in which visitors peer into secret, miniature worlds; a drama about people who embark on a voyage against their will, not knowing where or how it will end. In the course of a fifteen-minute journey to an unknown destination, a safe and familiar environment suddenly turns hostile. Step by step the world closes its doors and the female traveler is forced ever further from home. Her space in the world becomes smaller and smaller, until finally there is none left. Only One Suitcase Allowed was inspired by the story of Anne Frank.