from 3 pm to 6 pm
30 min

Concept and realization: Cristina Galbiati, Ilija Luginbühl

Artistic collaboration: Simona Gonella

Sound space technical production: Area Drama Radiotelevisione

Editing and mixing: Lara Persia

Voices (English version): Cristina Galbiati, Julie Mauro, Arthur Morgan


“.h.g.” is a reading – and revision – of the classical fairy tale of Hänsel and Gretel, in the shape of an installation where theatre and visual arts merge. The spectator walks through 9 different physical-­‐ sensory rooms accompanied and guided by earphones. Each room is a world on its own, a passage into universes suspended halfway between reality and dream: here the mind slips into the imaginary and the external spectator becomes integral part of the experience. The installation evolves along the points of rupture and intersection of the story, in search of the links between the world Of childhood and the world of adulthood.

Hаnsel and Gretel is a beastly, cruel and merciless story. It is a story made of sounds and silences. It is a story of bones and flesh, of food and hunger. It is a story about home, then about forest, then again home. It is the story of two children who go into the thick of the forest holding hands. It is a story with both a clean and ferocious smell. Suspended between ferocity and childlike lightness, .h.g. strives to be an experience both aesthetical and sensorial.

Supported by swiss arts council Pro Helvetia